Friday, April 30, 2010

2011 Lexus LFA

2011 Lexus LFA 2011 Lexus LFA 2011 Lexus LFA

The 2011 Lexus LFA is a global debut marks the dramatic arrival of a new flagship of the Lexus F-performance portfolio of models. One Lexus that unauthorized creates new frontiers of the super sports car for the 21 Century to be redefined.

“From the beginning, the history of cars, supercars are represented dreams, hopes and goals,” said Haruhiko Tanahashi, chief engineer of the development of the LFA program. “For Lexus was a brand that focuses on customer-lit moments and unforgettable experiences, the development of a world-class supercar a crucial next step.”

Essential next step is to give a super sports car, that driving would be created. To achieve this goal without compromise Tanahashi and his team created from scratch on new LFA – a true clean-sheet design. And in a radical departure from the norm Lexus development practice, they are pushing the problem of non-traditional angle, its technological, physical and technical limits at each step.

The result is the problem of rear-wheel drive, a dynamically styled supercar is a modern, new high-revving 4.8-liter V10 engine 552 hp (412kW/560DIN hp) and 354 lb-ft 480nm () generates the torque for the adrenaline- 202 hours powered fed miles (325 kmh) performance. This specially developed engine is a unique six-speed automated sequential manual gearbox (ASG) with shift paddles for the ultimate control connected to the driver. Connected through a rigid tube for high torque drive line integrity, the ASG is in a rear transaxle layout, located the optimal 48:52 weight distribution front to rear.

Light, strong and balanced, the Lexus is equipped with advanced carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) construction for the chassis and body to bring a light, incredibly strong and solid structure. Place outside this sophisticated technology resource materials, a radical movement that LFA-team develops its own internal processes for the CFRP ultimate sound quality and technology investment in the future.

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